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Why Gender-Neutral Holiday Presents Matter for Your Children - Read More

See what CNN has to say about the importance of gender-neutral toys for children. Parents aren't the only ones pushing back agains the hyper-gendered marketing of kids' products, some in the toy industry have come on board too (we're mentioned in this article!).


Boys can be princesses too - Read More

These photos of boys and their favourite princesses are too cute! What magical moments! 


How to raise a sweet son in an era of angry men - Read More

My son recently asked me, “Mom, why are girls’ clothes more interesting and beautiful than boys’ clothes, and was the person who decided that a man or a woman?”  


Why can't I find a decent dress for my five-year-old son? - Read More

“Mom, I want a real dress. One from the boys’ section, OK?” A story about this awesome 5-year old boy, his quest for a dress, and his mom's search. 


Girls Clothing Brands that Glorify Science - Read More

This article features several clothing brands targeted at girls that have pastel colours, twirly skirts, and sparkles AND are covered in images relating to science, technology, engineering, and math.


Wholesome photoshoot where dad and daughter are both dressed in tutus - Read More

These photos are just so sweet, and of course we love the tutus. Way to go Dad! 


6 Reasons Boys Should Play with Dolls - Read More

Boys should absolutely play with dolls - and here are 6 reasons why (in case you're not so sure yourself, or have to try to convince someone else!).