About BE-ME

We believe in self-expression and wearing what makes you happy no matter what! 

When our sons were young, they loved building Lego, playing with fire trucks, and running around at splash pads. 

And like most kids, they also enjoyed putting on jewellery and hair clips, were fascinated with mermaids and unicorns, and loved anything that glittered.

Sadly, we found there was very little out there for boys. No ads of boys wearing nail polish, no sparkly shoes for boys, no mermen dolls, not even bright sparkly t-shirts. 

When shopping we felt limited seeing the “boys' section” and “girls' section.” We wanted there to be bright, fun, sparkly things for ALL kids to enjoy. A “kids section” that gave kids (and the adults shopping for them) the freedom to choose whatever they wanted and not feel restricted to certain colours and styles or gender stereotypes.

And that’s where BE-ME came from. 

This is a place where everything is for everyone. Where all kids can wear, play with, and enjoy anything they want to. 

We support and celebrate our children’s interests even when they don’t quite match with what society thinks they should be. We understand that this can be hard and we are on a mission to change that… within ourselves, within our homes, and within the world.

Who said trucks and monsters are only for boys and pink and sparkles are just for girls anyways?! 

BE-ME is a lifestyle company providing fun for ALL kids to enjoy.
Check out our products, ideas, and resources. 

With love, 

The BE-ME Team

P.S. We want to hear from you! Share your stories, ask us questions, and tell us what you and your kids are looking for - we would love your input for new products and additional resources for parents. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or email us at info@be-me.ca.