5 Ways to Wear Your Tutu


There is so much you can do with your tutu! Kids are super creative but in case they need your help to kick start the fun - here are some unique ways to wear your tutu!

  • If you want an extra poofy tutu - wear 2 at a time (one on top of the other) - you get more colour and more poof!
  • Put your tutu on your head like a wig, grab your guitar, turn on the music, and pretend you are a rockstar!
  • Love trolls? Be Poppy, Brant or your very own troll by putting your tutu upside down on your head and tying a rubber band in the middle to make a ponytail!
  • Want to be a fairy or a new sparkly superhero? Put your tutu on your shoulders and pretend it's wings or a cape! 
  • Roll your tutu into a log, use some rubber bands to tie it up, and use it like a tail!

Let us know how your kids get creative with their tutus!