5 Ways to Have Fun While Wearing Your Crown


Your child loves wearing their crown and loves looking at themselves in the mirror with it on - but what else can they do with their crown?  Here are a few ideas to make this special accessory even more fun!


1. Have a Tea Party

Your crown is the perfect accessory to wear to a fancy tea party!

  • Make imaginary tea for your dolls and stuffed animals 
  • Lay out a blanket and have a tea party with real juice and cookies
  • Use all different sizes of cups and containers to pour water like tea


2. Build a Castle

Pretend to be a King or Queen building their own royal castle!

  • Make a castle out of building blocks and see how tall yours can be
  • Cut windows and doors out of a large cardboard box and decorate it with markers, stickers, and glitter glue
  • Use sofa cushions, pillows, and blankets to make a soft and cozy castle 


3. Create a Self-Portrait

Make a picture of yourself wearing your beautiful crown to hang on your wall!

  • Look in the mirror and draw and colour a picture of yourself wearing your crown
  • Print a photo of you wearing your crown and decorate a frame to go around it
  • Create a multi-media portrait by using paper, yarn, fabric, and glitter glue

4. Act out a Fairy Tale Story

Wear your crown and pretend to be your favourite fairy tale character!

  • Act out your favourite part from a fairy tale story
  • Turn on some music and sing a song as one of your favourite characters
  • Pretend to be your favourite character hosting a party for all of your fairy tale friends

5. Be Part of a Wedding

    Crowns and veils are often worn at fancy occasions like weddings!

    • Be a guest at a wedding for your dolls or stuffed animals 
    • Walk slowly down the aisle and drop petals from a basket as you go
    • Pretend you are getting married and dance your first dance